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From the Pastor's Desk 6/3/23

Pastors Desk

I apologize for not getting this out on Monday, and I probably won’t get one out this coming Monday, since I will be in Colorado, working. So, let this update serve for both weeks, lol. Miss Sandy and I will be leaving Sunday after services, headed to Colorado, to continue hauling stuff from the old church. Please pray for us and the trip, that everything will go well. Continuing praying for Alice’s recovery from surgery. We have children this summer going to see other parents, and some coming to see parents, keep all of our young people in your prayers.

This coming Wednesday, I will be gone, but, I have pre-recorded a broadcast, so we will continue in our new series on the church. Sandy and I will be arriving on Saturday the 10th. This time I will send out texts to everyone as we arrive, so people can come help unload. Let’s not forget during this busy summer, to come out on Saturdays at 10 am to hang flyers. If I am not here, we always have flyers in the fellowship hall cabinets.

Lastly, thank you, to everyone for attending, working, giving, loving and pulling together as a church family. Sandy and I are too old to do it on our own and we really do appreciate everyone’s contribution. Love our church family!

A Bible thought

This last week on Wednesday night, the question was asked about the transition period in the books Acts, whereby the Jews did not receive the HS until after baptism. We have discussed before, but every time it comes up there usually more questions. After service one of our broadcast viewers sent me text, still confused asking for a further explanation. Below I have her questions followed by my answer. This may help others still sorting out this issue.

“Okay here we go. Old Testament walked and accepted by faith. New Testament: Jews that were baptized under John the Baptist after Christ Resurrection and Ascension they still believed but this is the part that confuses me did they have to accept Christ again? The next part when the Holy Ghost came down at Pentecost and the Jews were saved after that did they automatically receive the Holy Ghost at that time... this is my confusion did all Jews have to be baptized before they received the Holy Ghost? Whereas with the Gentiles they received the Holy Ghost at Salvation before baptism. This is what is boggling my mind. I hope this makes sense to you being put this way.” Broadcast Viewer

The jews that were saved under John the Baptist, were not indwelt by the HS. Acts 1:5 tells us that Christians in the church dispensation would receive the HS as a gift. Before Pentecost people were saved but not indwelt by the HS. Part of the problem understanding this transition in Acts, is that we have to remind ourselves that people could be saved and not indwelt by the HS. The norm today is for people to get saved and immediately indwelt by the HS. The HS is the one who brings about salvation in ones heart but that is different from indwelling. So your first question "did they have to accept Christ again?" No because salvation and receiving the HS, during this transition in Acts, is two different things. In Acts 2:21 he tells us exactly how to be saved and further down in Acts 2:38 he tells them how to receive the gift of the HS. Continuing on from Acts chapter 2 which is Pentecost, yes the Jews had to be baptized before receiving the HS. Once again they could be saved but not receive the HS. Notice Acts 19:1-7 Paul meets Disciples who are obviously saved and Paul asks them if they have received the HS? Verse 2 tells us that they have not received the HS. Verse 3, they reply to Paul they were baptized "unto John's baptism" verses 5-6 says that after they were baptized and Paul laid hands on them they received the HS and spoke in tongues. The Gentiles and Samaritans (half breeds) were different from the jews. In Acts 10. Peter is sent to give the gospel to Cornelius a gentile. Verses 34-43 Paul is witnessing to the gentiles with Cornelius and in verse 44 these gentiles believed as Peter was speaking and "the Holy Ghost fell on them". Verse 45, they of the circumcision (jews) were confused. This was Gods way of proving to the jews that gentiles could be saved and receive the gift of the HS.

Remember this, Acts is transitional. Moving from the dispensation of the Jews to the dispensation of the church. Moving from the baptism of John unto repentance to the baptism of the HS. God used the sign gifts of the HS to show that a person was saved and had received the HS. By the time we get to the end of Acts things are leveling off to the normalcy that we understand and accept today: someone gets saved and immediately receives the gift of the HS and then is baptized as a testimony of salvation and having received the gift of the HS. This is true today for Jew and Gentile alike. Paul says so in 1 Corinthians 12:13. 🤠

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