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From the Pastor's Desk-5/15

Pastors Desk

Great big Thank You! For all those that helped with the concessions fundraiser at the Expo. As Pastor I really appreciate everything that everyone does to help out. Please pray for Miss Sandy, myself and the Denson’s next week, we will be making a trip to Colorado, to work on the building. Also pray concerning the sale of the building, it looks like we have a serious buyer, that has put forth an offer. Nothing is settled in concrete yet, but one step closer, pray for the whole process. School is out this Thursday, I’m sure the kids and Miss Sandy are excited, enjoy your summer. Lastly we were able to raise 300.00 in missions offering for Brother Tommy Sloan to buy chairs for a Mexican Church. Thank you to everyone who contributed, being able to give and being a part of reaching others around the world is so, exciting. Looking forward to summer, more great things to come.

A Bible thought

In our adult Sunday School class we have been in the book of Genesis, specifically looking at the creation story in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. the Bible says that “In the beginning God Created…” The Hebrew word for God used here is very interesting. The Hebrew word is Elohim. Elohim is from the generic word for God. El. Elohim is a masculine, PLURAL, noun. This name for God is used at least 2200 times in the Old Testament. The name Elohim is often found with the name Yaweh, which is the name that God gave to Israel of Him (God). Yaweh was so holy that the Israelites would not say the name, so, instead they used the name Addonai. In your King James Bible Elohim is usually translated “God” and Yaweh is usually translated “Lord.” What makes Elohim so interesting is that it is a plural noun. When used to refer to god generically, we would immediately assume more than one god or “gods.” the Bible uses the plural of El, or Elohim to show the triune God, but, the Hebrew also indicates a singular emphasis. So in this one name for God, used over 2200 times in the Bible, we see the one God, in three persons, or as we say, the Trinity. Every time the word “God” is found in Genesis chapter 1, it is the name Elohim. God wanted to make it known emphatically from the very beginning that He is one God in three person, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Each person of the Godhead, separate, yet equal and one God.

Pastor Wilkinson

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